Monday, March 15, 2021

Re: New Article "10 Best Java Frameworks to Use in 2021"

On 15. 03. 2021. 00:54, Craig Mitchell wrote:
> I think I'm missing something.  Spring Boot Native seems to make an exe by
> embedding a JVM (GraalVM).  I don't understand what that has to do with JPA
> / Hibernate?  Wouldn't it work just as well with jOOQ and others?

GraalVM, similar to GWT, supports only subset of Java when building native
executables. Notable feature missing is, (again, same as with GWT)
reflection, which requires declarative workarounds which are PITA (if even

Lots of existing Java libs can't be compiled to GraalVM's native image.

Fun fact: GraalVM still doesn't support generating WASM images, which is a
great opportunity for J2CL which seems to have active efforts on that front


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