Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Re: Job opening at Yale Medical School, Pathology Department

Hi Peter,

nice to hear this. Yes, I have also the same opinion about this technology / transpiler GWT / J2CL because I actually just want to write my business codes in Java...

I'll tweet your job openings, hope to see some Java devs join you with your very interesting research area.


peter.ge...@yale.edu schrieb am Montag, 29. März 2021 um 03:43:03 UTC+2:
Hi everyone,
First, I would like to thank everyone who is working hard on the GWT framework! I strongly believe that this technology is absolutely critical and important not only to our group but for the world in general.

We made a decision early in 2006 to start using GWT for dynamic web applications in clinical operations in our department. One of the key components was, obviously, the JavaScript compiler that solved a huge number of problems in browser compatibility, portability, security, and in performance. 
It was interesting to hear last year a discussion about web technologies at one of technology conferences in Europe. They were talking about how to overcome the browser loading speed issues of web applications in developing countries. Many were unfortunately unaware that GWT fifteen years elegantly addressed that issue. I am hoping that we see more progress and more recognition of that framework.

Second, I would like to share with you that our small engineering team at Yale is planning add two full stack developers to join our team and help creating future technology for clinical care and research that will be based on GWT and Java. The systems will also include data science components - seamless machine learning and full text indexing integration and image analysis.

If you are interested please read more details at the links below and feel free to contact me with any questions:

Finally, we are thinking about making some of our technologies Opens Source. Open Source experience (in addition to GWT and Java) would be a huge plus!

Best regards,

Peter Gershkovich, M.D. MHA
Director, Section of Pathology Informatics and Cancer Data Science,
Associate Professor
Yale University School of Medicine
Department of Pathology
Cell phone: 508.208.8798

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