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Re: New Article "10 Best Java Frameworks to Use in 2021"

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@Thomas you didn't start a flame war it was just a flame, I got to learn few things from this conversation so why not flame the rest of the list? 

Really? Let's go.

Spring: I think the thing I dislike the most about Spring is what many people like about it: it's an entire, wide, and fat, ecosystem. You can hardly use one piece of Spring without using everything else; I mean, each Spring piece builds on top of another Spring piece, so it's basically an all-or-nothing. I also fear that people doing mostly Spring won't know how to do things without it (like most big/fat framework actually). I'm a no-framework guy; I think each library should be usable on its own (good for it if it provides adapters to make it easier to use within a particular framework, I won't care), and Spring is the exact opposite.

Maven: well, Maven is so utterly broken as a scalable build tool… They're finally talking about Maven 4 bringing breaking changes to the "build POM" (as opposed to the "deployed POM" you use from repositories), but as long as they'll keep that linear lifecycle, and project model being mutable (and mutated!) during build execution, it'll be a big no-go for me. If you need to learn one build tool, let it be Gradle, not Maven.
(fwiw, I'm migrating all projects at work from Maven to Gradle; I'm being asked to migrate them, because it makes things so much more usable and enjoyable!)

Mockito: well, most of the time, you shouldn't use mocks. If you need mocks, it generally says more about the structure and testability of your code than the readability of your tests. Of all mocking tools, indeed Mockito is likely the best, but it's the kind of tools you shouldn't be reaching for to being with.

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