Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Re: Can I create GWT Widget in javascript code?

I would:
  1. create a new *.gwt.xml with a new EntryPoint that won't launch the GWT app but instead expose a function (using JsInterop) to "run" your module
  2. that function would use receive an element ID and use RootPanel.get(id) to put the GWT UI inside (that's not the only way, but definitely the easiest); ideally it would also return a function that you would call from Vue at "unmount", but could instead return the RootPanel so it could be passed to another function exposed by the module's onModuleLoad.
  3. the "unmount" callback would simply call RootPanel.detachNow(rootPanel)
That way, the Vue app could actually load the GWT module immediately, but then only use it by calling its exposed function when it needs to display the GWT module; and when it no longer needs it, it should properly "detach" it.

On Tuesday, March 2, 2021 at 5:09:24 AM UTC+1 alex...@gmail.com wrote:
For example:
 I have a vue app and classic gwt application,  The gwt application have lot of module .
but I only want to one module (eg: A query UI) integration  to my vue app using js
How can I done this?

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