Saturday, March 6, 2021

Re: Elemental2-compatible Activities (and Places)?

On 06. 03. 2021. 15:47, Frank Hossfeld wrote:
> There are a few places where are the progress of the module update is tracked:
> <goog_1390779413>
> <>
> <>
> <> (still in progress)

Now... I found this on Twitter minutes ago and came here to post those
links... :)

> And yes, the Activities module is not migrated yet.

How about your own port mentioned in first sheet:

I can see it still references widgets, so definitely not a final port, but
if you are interested I can propose pull request based on my own port which
uses elemental2.dom.HTMLElement instead of widgets. However, that should be
up to a debate, because I believe more modular approach would be needed to
cover most use cases: widgets, elemental2's HTMLElement, elemento's
IsElement and possibly others.

> If you are looking for J2CL/Elemental2 ready frameworks, take a look here:
> * dominokit/domino-mvp <>
> * nalukit/nalu <>  (Disclaimer: I am the
> author)

Seen both of them, but I'm porting existing project that has some
infrastructure (I'm trying not to exaggerate and call it a "framework" :) )
build on top of activities and places that I would like to reuse if possible.


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