Thursday, March 25, 2021

Double equals

Can someone help me with the double.equals
with the following simple code:
      Double value1 = Double.NaN;
      Double value2 = Double.NaN;

      boolean result1 = value1.equals(value2);

In Java result1 = true;
In web with GWt result1 = false;

Looking at the sourcecode i see that the java double has the following equals method:
public boolean equals(Object obj) { 
return (obj instanceof Double) && (doubleToLongBits(((Double)obj).value) == doubleToLongBits(value));

the GWT double source code shows the following:
public boolean equals(Object o) {
return checkNotNull(this) == o;

I do not really understand the GWT version. th emost important thing is that the equals has different results between java and GWT.
How to resolve this?



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