Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Unable to add a new module to the webapp using Eclipse


I created a sample GWT webapp using the Eclipse plugin, and it runs perfectly.

But when I try adding a new module by,

    a) Right-clicking the above webapp project,
    b) Selecting the "New | Other... | GWT Classes | Module" option; and
    c) Clicking the Next button on the wizard

nothing happens - the wizard continues to remain on the same wizard-page!

I next copy-pasted the package/directory structure of my working webapp, and made suitable changes to the 'NewModule.gwt.xml' and its contents; also changed Java class names appropriately.

But when I run GWT Compile on the project (by right clicking the project in Eclipse), it only compiles the original webapp, completely ignoring my 'NewModule' module that I manually created on the file-system.

What am I doing wrong?
Is there a command-line method to ease the process of a new module-creation in an existing web app, or, ideally, creating it as a stand-alone entity?

I'm using GWT 2.8 with Eclipse Neon, on Ubuntu 16.04.


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