Thursday, April 20, 2017

Re: GWT/Maven development cycle takes much too long

Hi Pavlo!

I have similar projects structure and do next:
 - start my-app and code server for my-app. In my case I use jetty maven plugin to start application and gwt plugin to start code server
 - do your changes in my-lib and mvn install after that. It should be very fast because there is just plain java compilation.  
 - restart just code server for code server for my-app. I use property <gwt.codeServer.precompile>false</gwt.codeServer.precompile> as result code server start pretty fast too.
 - reload page in browser

I would like to do it the same way. But what exactly are the steps you describe? Do you execute them on the commandline with maven commands or in eclipse?
I really would like to do it the same way!


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