Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Best approach when working with Eclipse/Maven/GWT ?

I'm working on a fairly large GWT applications (well multiple) in Eclipse, using the excellent tbroyer maven plugin and the GWT eclipse plugin.
But there are many modules and dependencies and it seems that maven integration in Eclipse is a bit slow.

What would be the best approach to use these technologies to work the fastest as possible ?

I have automatic building enabled in eclipse, but I see that some people are invoking the maven targets from eclipse... why would that be needed ? Is that even a good idea when having automatic building enabled ? Or is it better to work without automatic building ? But then you lose the ability to have proper errors in the editors or deploy to WTP ?

I like the workflow with the GWT Eclipse Plugin and WTP. I just need to click on reload in Chrome to get an update... but sometimes eclipse really goes on and one trying to recompile stuff that did not change.

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