Wednesday, April 19, 2017

GWT Editor with Custom Composites


I am trying to use the GWT editor framework to support data binding in my application. While implementing it I ran into a few issues and have a couple of questions regarding the same:

1) Some of these components don't use*

  rather they use*

 For e.g. InputElement as opposed to TextBox. Is it possible to use editor framework with dom elements?

2) Is it possible to bind POJO's with different field types (int, float, String, etc.) to a single Composite implementing IsEditor?
For e.g. if there is an Input composite (wrapping TextBox), is it possible to use the same composite for POJO fields of different types int, float, etc. ?

public class Test
implements Serializable {

private Integer id;

private String name;

private float area;

Here name and area are of different type. Is it possible to bind these to the same widget implementing Editor (without editor I would just parse the values to and from String to their respective types before saving the data)?

Also, if is it not possible to the above, is there a good alternative to support 2 way data binding in modern GWT applications?


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