Thursday, April 27, 2017

context in GWT compiled javascript

I have a very special requirement. My customer has a very old web application which only runs IE8. This customer doesn't allow me to change its source code except that I can add a <script> in original web page to include *.nocache.js file   I must use GWT to make it run in all modern browsers. Some pages have <body onload='window.document.....; window.document.all.....more javascript code' /> and <div onclick='some javascript code' />. My GWT code must change javascript in inline onload javascript body. In development mode, I noticed original web page has one extra link that points to source code server(?), which is generated by Eclipse plugin. I also noticed onload is called before compilation. In SSO, I think my GWT compiled code should run before original web page onload. How do I make onload is called after my GWT compiled code finishes execution in development and production mode? What is context relation between  window object in original js code and window object in my GWT compiled code in development and production mode? 



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