Thursday, April 27, 2017

Chrome Extension Message Passing API no longer working in GWT 2.8...?

Hello all...

I'm a developer on a project that uses GWT.  We had been using GWT 2.6 for a long time, and finally moved to GWT 2.8 w/Java 1.8.

Part of this project is a Chrome extension, where our web app needs to communicate with the extension.  This was working fine until we upgraded out project.

Now, there may be other code-related things going on that is causing this, but I thought I'd check here to see if anyone knows of GWT 2.8 possibly breaking Chrome extension APIs, specifically the Chrome "Message Passing" API:

The web app attempts to connect to the extension using chrome.runtime.connect(appId).  This worked fine in the past, but has now stopped working (in prior versions of our code, the extension receives the connection attempt; in current code, the connect method returns a valid "port" object, but the extension never receives the connection).

Anyone know of any conflicts between GWT 2.8/JsInterop/etc. and Chrome's proprietary APIs?

- Tim

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