Monday, April 24, 2017

GWT 2.8 - Issue with Javadoc and

Hi there,

I'm working on transitioning to GWT 2.8 and I'm encountering an odd error that I have not seen in previous GWT versions when generating javadocs for my project:

  [javadoc]   bad source file: C:\dev\depot\lego\module\ui-framework\2.2.0\lib\gwt-user-2.8.0.jar(com/google/web/bindery/event/shared/
  [javadoc]     file does not contain class

The only reference to this issue I've seen is here:!topic/Google-Web-Toolkit/9SVuJWkdzrk

The thread seems to trail off, where a question is posed "Why is Javadoc generation looking at gwt-user.jar?"  In my case, the answer to that would be that the same jars used for compilation are then used for javadoc generation.  Needing to make a distinction between the two was not done in the past, nor seems like a "good idea" to me.

Any advice in this area short of disabling javadoc generation entirely? Thanks.

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