Sunday, February 28, 2016

Re: What is best IDE for developing GWT applications?

@Ed: Don't get me wrong. I like Eclipse and I am basically an Eclipse-only developer. I would use it to brew coffee if there was a plug in. :D

What I'm just missing are some basic support e.g. if I use GWTP I want to see some generated code. Java/GWT has some boilerplate code that could be generated.

Another thing that annoys me is that @UiField thing. Sometimes it's really annoying to keep all the field names up-to-date. Renaming stuff is sometimes a but nasty.

Then there's the thing with the code server.. I'd really appreciate a better view for the error messages that one gets there. You always have to search for the actual line that points out what's wrong instead of seeing that message in the Eclipse "Markers" view or something.

One more thing that I miss is a better Project Explorer. The files are sorted by type and that means you get A.ui.xml B.ui.xml instead of A.ui.xml B.ui.xml. 

Since I am using gwt-maven-archetypes I even have to kill the Code Server by hand - I cannot use the Eclipse "Debug" or "Server" view for that. 

Maybe some of that stuff could be avoided or changed but it's not supported out of the box by Eclipse afaik.

@Gilberto: Yes, that's actually a good point. The plugins can be sometimes a bit messy. 

@Rogelio: What kind of support are we talking here? It happens that I might have access to the Ultimate edition for free as a student.

On Saturday, 27 February 2016 22:54:35 UTC+1, Rogelio Flores wrote:
I find IntelliJ to be superior to eclipse, not only in its out of the box (for the Ultimate edition--not free) support for GWT, but for almost everything else. I was too an eclipse user for many years so I know the difference.

On Saturday, February 27, 2016 at 8:13:56 AM UTC-7, Gilberto wrote:
Let's get real for a moment: Eclipse is a plug-in hell.

Have you ever try to run a multi-module App Engine project with multi module GWT app, configured with Maven? Don't even try, go to the command line and run the server from there.

Sometimes you lose days of work just setting up the environment. And that sucks.

But, I still use it. I prefer how Eclipse deal with git and how it's code completion works (ctrl+space for everything, instead of a different shortcut for each type of code completion, like on IntelliJ). It's a matter of knowing what is possible and what is not inside the IDE, and which combination of plug-ins (and its versions) works for your project, and which don't.

I have some friends that love IntelliJ and would never go back to Eclipse again. In my opinion, if you aren't crazy yet because of the plug-in hell, Eclipse can still do a good job. Like Ed said, it's the best free IDE available.

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