Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Re: The point of splitting application into multiple modules

First of all, thanks a lot for you answers.
So overall I would save "massive performance loss" is clearly overstating and I am pretty sure you don't have numbers to correct me ;-)

You're right, that's only what i've read in many places about the topic.
Well and as you said the most prominent use case is to be able to build libraries.

Probably some kind of linker that separate the fragments in a way that is clear what has been updated and lets you replace only the updated fragments... I don't know... Certainly having different output folders for the modules was misleading.

However for your use case you have to adopt the Turducken pattern:

Yes, I've seen these slides but the iframe thing isn't really what I wanted.. I'll stay with the monolithic app.

Thanks again

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