Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bogus warnings from GWT-2.8 Beta

If we define a class Foo in GWT with a JSNI method:

 private native void logStuff() /*-{   
            $wnd.myLog("This object has class" + this.@java.lang.Object::getClass()());

then we getting a spurious warning:

[WARN] JSNI method Foo.logStuff()V calls method java.lang.Object.getClass()Ljava/lang/Class;. Instance java.lang.Object methods should not be called on String, Array or JSO instances.

In this case, "this" is an object of type Foo, not a String, Array, or JSO instance.  Why can't I treat it as an Object?  (Actually, why can't I treat a String and Array as Objects, since that's what they are, while we're at it?)

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