Friday, February 26, 2016

Re: Reason for disabling Debug IDs in production?

Yes  "processing of 'ensureDebugId()'" I meant, runtime overhead.
And why do you think it won't require extra 'Javascript' download, as if you want to set debugIds you need to inherit Debug module.

I just did not mention it because I thought it was a logical consequence that your JS output will be larger when you enable debug ids. 

Whenever you set a debugId in UiBinder this results in code calling UiObject.setDebugId("...."). By default (not inheriting Debug.gwt.xml) this method does nothing and thus the method call is removed by the GWT compiler. When you inherit Debug.gwt.xml then all these method calls can not be removed as the implementation now does some work, so your JS will be larger. However with server side gzip compression the difference in download size will be pretty small.

-- J.

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