Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Re: Understanding the Layout System

If you go with FlexBox or pure HTML + CSS, you only really need LayoutPanels when you want to also use a DataGrid or CellTable or the other CellWidgets. 
However you can always just embed them into a ResizeLayoutpanel which can be put anywhere in your DOM and still can properly resize its children (the other LayoutPanels require a unbroken chain all the way up to the RootLayoutPanel). 

Put if you are already thinking about switching out LayoutPanels with FlexBox for app layout then I would go all the way and try to stay away from widgets as much as possible and maybe look into vaadin-grid 

On Monday, December 21, 2015 at 8:11:15 PM UTC+1, N Troncoso wrote:
I have content that goes under the TabPanel. (a StackLayoutPanel actually), so a scroll bar inside does not solve an issue like that. 

My question isn't necessarily aimed to solve that particular problem, but to understand the way the LayoutPanels are suppose to be used to create an app. The very basic examples that the documentation provides, and the fix you provided here does not really translate into how you'd develop an entire web app using these techniques. Am I only suppose to use LayoutPanels when I want to fill the screen and have no overflow? Am I stuck using the old bunch-o-tables widgets (or writing my own) otherwise? Supposedly these old widgets don't play well in standards mode, so it'd be nice to get away from them.

I guess your FlexBox suggestion at least solves the issue of building a proper layout, but if I forgo LayoutPanels altogether, I'm stuck with the "bad" old widgets and panels. Granted, I don't suppose I have to be 100% reliant on GWT to hand-feed me everything I need. It just feels like I'm missing critical components of the LayoutPanel that would allow it to work the way I want.

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