Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Re: Getting rid of Dev mode for future GWT releases

On Friday, December 18, 2015 at 10:17:27 AM UTC+1, Ed wrote:
I was reluctant at first to move over to SDM, but after some time with it, I got used to it. I combine it with SDBG in eclipse and it works mostly ok. 
What is exactly not woking well with the SDBG eclipse plugin?
And why is this working well in IntelliJ ?

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't that is a bit annoying. Some constructs like for loops were not properly mapped to the java sources which made stepping through them a bit painful. But I am running behind on SDBG, I did not do GWT development in the last year - just starting again.

In Chrome I do not always seem to get the mapping to work for all classes in my project.

I have no experience with IntelliJ, but I am interested in using it since maven/eclipse integration seems to be really slow and buggy. But I am forced to use ClearCase for the moment and we don't have IntelliJ support for it. I hope we can switch to something git based next year.

What SDM brings is much faster prototyping of the GUI, especially in combination with Thomas Broyer's maven plugin it's really nice to have both server and client refresh so easily while developing. 
How do you use the maven plugin to speed this up ?

I just launch tomcat and codeserver from maven instead of depending on my IDE. It works really well. Any change I make to server classes gets loaded automatically by Tomcat and any change on client code gets picked up by the SDM codeserver. In the browser I just click on reload and I have the latest version, it takes just a second or 2. (OK I seem to have an issue with GWT 2.8.0-beta1, but I'm sure that will get resolved somehow).

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