Thursday, December 24, 2015

GSS eval not evaluating

I have a method that calculates a box shadow. To use it, I call getShadow(int depth). If I call this, I get the expected result. Now, I'd like to create a few predefined constants in GSS. So, I do this:

public interface ColorResources extends CssResource
String shadowZ0();
String shadowZ1();
String shadowZ2();
String shadowZ3();
String shadowZ4();
String shadowZ5();

public static class Util
private Util() {}

public static String getShadow(int dp)
return shadow;

public static String shadowZ0()  { return getShadow(0); }
public static String shadowZ1()  { return getShadow(1); }
public static String shadowZ2()  { return getShadow(2); }
public static String shadowZ3()  { return getShadow(3); }
public static String shadowZ4()  { return getShadow(4); }
public static String shadowZ5()  { return getShadow(5); }


@def SHADOW_Z0 eval('');
@def SHADOW_Z1 eval('');
@def SHADOW_Z2 eval('');
@def SHADOW_Z3 eval('');
@def SHADOW_Z4 eval('');
@def SHADOW_Z5 eval('');

But if I do GWT.log(Resources.colors().shadowZ0()) (Where Resources is my ClientBundle that ColorResources is in), the print value is:

"Java expression :"

It should be evaluating the expression, not just returning it.... anyone know what's up?

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