Monday, December 28, 2015

Layout principles for UIBinder with Polymer elements

Hello all,

      After a number of experiments I have decided to build UI using UIBuilder and Polymer elements library. Tutorials went well and I have build my own interface mixing standard GWT DockLayotPanel (for widget placement) and paper/iron elements from the library. I am not very experienced at CSS/UI building and feel that I am doing something wrong, because:
  1. DockLayotPanel requires pre-defined size of the panel in pixels. Otherwise it is not shown at all. I read that required property is "unit" and I can omit width and height, but it doesn't seem so.
  2. Polymer elements somehow ignore styles. I can't set colour of the elements, for example. I have tried to define style within HTMLPanel (like it is in tutorial <style is="custom-style">) and have tried to put colour directly into element - no luck

  I start to think that it is not a good idea to mix GWT panels with Polymer elements. Polymer HeaderPanel and DrawerPanel does not give such flexibility as GWT panels, but it seems mixing them together bring troubles. Am I right?

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