Monday, December 28, 2015

Chaining Animations to Canvas or SVG in GWT app? Lienzo? RaphaelGWT?

Hello -

I'm coming back to GWT after a looooong trip into non-web related work. A few years ago I had used RaphaelGWT to create some very nice animated visualizations in a GWT app, but it doesn't look like that project or Raphael itself have been updated in some time. Which may make some sense now that HTML5 canvas support is a bit better.

Lienzo appears to have nice support for creating animations, but I don't see an obvious way to chain together a sequence of drawing primitives (for example, draw a circle, delay, draw a bisecting line in the circle, delay, label one half with text, delay...) and potentially cancel that sequence if the render pipeline needs to be restarted before the whole chain finishes.

In that earlier app, I recall building something on top of RaphaelGWT for this sort of thing, but my recollection is it was a callback infested nightmare that I can only hope is easier to avoid now than it was in 2011. 

Is Lienzo a good GWT library for this sort of thing, or should I be looking at something else? Or is there some other GWT-centric approach to creating a canvas element or SVG that queue up a series of graphics operations? Maybe back to RaphaelGWT?

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.


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