Tuesday, December 29, 2015

JsInterop & 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT : calling Java Object in Javascript


I'm using JsInterop with GWT 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT and trying to use a "@JsType" annotated Java Object in a "js" file.

It works fine in super dev mode (gwt:run) but in "normal" mode (dev mode off) I have this exception (in the browser console) : "onClick is not a function"

Here is the Java Object, a home-made click handler : 
public interface ITableClickHandler {  
  public void onClick(String rowId);  
  public void onDoubleClick(String rowId);

It's also declared as a property in my js file : (among other properties)
click_handler: {
    type: Object
And I set this property with the method below (the name matches the name of the js property), in a Java interface that wraps some web component element (but that's not relevant I think) :
@JsType(isNative = true)
public interface MyTableElement {   
  void setClick_handler(ITableClickHandler clickHandler); 

At some point in my js file, I do the following :
if (this.click_handler) {
It allows me to catch this click event (okay just the row id) fired in the js file, with some GWT handler (implementing my interface ITableClickHandler).

And yes I use the new jsinterop.* annotations ;)

I don't really know if I'm "jsInteroping" properly... and maybe there is a difference between the "super dev mode" compile and my "normal mode" compile (yes I have the generateJsInteropExports option set)

Thanks for you help !

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