Sunday, December 20, 2015

Creating RemoteServiceServlet Programmatically

I have an application which works perfectly when I configured it via web.xml.  However, when I attempt to configure things programmatically I'm having issues with RemoteServiceServlet.

In particular, I'm creating a RemoteServiceDispatcher (from the gwtrpc-spring project). This is a very simple class that extends RemoteServiceServlet.  I'm using Spring's WebApplicationInitializer to configure the application and everything else appears to initialize properly.

When I attempt to load the page I get 404 errors. None of the methods in RemoteServiceServlet are invoked. I expected processCall to be called at least.

From what I understand, RemoteServiceServlet generates a lot of code dynamically; for instance, implementing doGet for all the RemoteService API calls.  It appears it must also add a mapping for the url-pattern "/*".

Can someone tell me if there is something I need to call on a RemoteServiceServlet object to have it do all the behind-the-scenes stuff?

Is there a difference between creating a RemoteSeviceServlet via the web.xml and just calling "new RemoteServiceServlet()" ?


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