Thursday, October 29, 2015

Re: What are the latest browser supported by GWT 2.6 (MOZILA,CHROME,IE)

I guess you could try searching the GWT issues to figure that out. Generally GWT only has minimum browser requirements as it assumes that future versions of existing browsers should generally not break existing GWT apps. Sometimes they do, then GWT gets a bug fix.

Generally IE 11 might cause some trouble because it has a User-Agent string that causes GWT to choose the Gecko/FireFox permutation. Could be that GWT 2.6 has some issues with that. But I am surprised that Chrome / Firefox do not work.

But maybe the issue is in your app and not in GWT, who knows. First you should try figure out why you app does not work in these browsers. There must be some sort of JavaScript exception (use browser debugger and pause on any exception) or a HTTP 404 request or similar. 

-- J.

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