Monday, October 26, 2015

JsInterop: Casting native javascript objects in gwt

I have a dispatch method, exposed through JsInterop, which can take various kinds of payloads.

Once called from native javascript, I need to cast the payload, but this doesn't quite work as I would like it too.

Here is a simplified example.

public class Dispatcher {
public String dispatch(String action, Payload payload){
return dispatchWithCast(payload);
return "Unknown action: " + action;
public String dispatchWithCast(Payload payload){
ConcretePayload w = (ConcretePayload) payload;

public class Payload {}

public class ConcretePayload extends Payload {
public String foo;
public int bar;

var test = new foo.Dispatcher();
alert("Dispatch: " + test.dispatch("action1", {"foo": "a", "bar": 2})); // Uncaught java.lang.ClassCastException

Everything works just fine if I replace the Payload type in the Dispatcher class with ConcretePayload, and removes the cast.

I guess this this may be beyond the capabilities of the transpiler, I just need to figure out an alternative approach.

Any ideas?

(By the way, I am using the sso linker.)

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