Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Re: Next release

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 6:32:28 AM UTC+1, bendg25 wrote:
If you abstract out the integration point to start up the embedded server, then it would be easy to swap it out.

Why would you abstract it out? CodeServer is a tool that listens on a port and does HTTP, why would you abstract the way it does HTTP?
(the embedded server that host your webapp in DevMode is swappable though: &; I believe the main usecase was AppEngine support, and the AppEngine servlet container launcher uses an isolated ClassLoader IIRC)
I understand that you want to run everything in a single JVM (why? I can only see drawbacks, apart from "there's only one thing to launch and thus no need to remember the order you have to launch things") but that's just not a usecase GWT was designed to support. It could be made to work, and you're encouraged to come discuss this in the gwt-contrib forum and possibly send in patches, but it's low priority – plus, supporting other use cases also means making sure you don't break them moving forward, so it's not just a one-time effort, but a continuous one).
BTW, there's a pending change already to bump Jetty to 9.x:

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