Monday, October 26, 2015

Re: Next release


My rationale for the request is we run up server, client and server, in a single jvm. We have tried upgrading our runtime to say jetty 9 and come unstuck. (I don't have the detail)

More recently I have been working on a spring boot gwt app. I would like to run this in one Jvm using maven gwt plugin but could not get it working as it uses jetty 8. I supplied a web.xml (that Spring boot does not need) to enable jetty to bootstrap but Spring security was not handling the requests for some reason.

I have ended up with running my spring boot container exposing debug port and running gwt maven plugin with super Dev mode and no server option. This allows me to recompile using bookmark lets but the break points are not being hit so it is not ideal.

However back to my original request, I just don't understand, from a design perspective, why you would want to couple yourself so closely to a particular version of a web container. It does cause issues.

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