Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Re: The future of GWT and functional programming on the web

Any word on what has happened here? It's now late October and we haven't seen a release for a year.

On Friday, September 4, 2015 at 3:07:29 AM UTC-6, Jens wrote:
According to the last steering group meeting minutes, the release of 2.8 is only waiting for JsInterop 1.0 to be finalized. The meeting minutes say that this is expected to happen at the end of september. If this holds true you will see a release relatively shortly after that. The lack of Java 8 API emulations (java.time, streams, etc) is not considered a blocker and is expected to be provided by contributors. I have already done some work on that and together with Colin Alworth and James Nelson we plan to tackle java.time and streams. But as we will work on that in our free time, chances are that it will not be part of GWT 2.8 yet. 

So with a 2.8 release the worst thing you can get is Java 8 syntax (lambdas, method references, default/static interface methods, intersection casts), stable JsInterop annotations, better SDM, lots of bug fixes. In the best case you also get some Java 8 API emulations. I guess there will be a 2.8.1 shortly after with additional Java 8 API emulations.

Also according to the meeting minutes the new GWT compiler is expected to work at the end of the year. This would then act as the base for an upcoming GWT 3.0 release.

-- J.

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