Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Re: Progress bar during GWT bootstrap process?

This is what I am doing currently. But its not the most user friendly.

I'd like to show a progress bar which indicates how much longer there is to go.

Worst case, I can override the Dom function for injecting a script, and use that to request the scripts over websockets, and update the progress with each frame sent.

Is that what I have to do, or is there a better way?

I often use fake progress bars if I don't have progress information or don't want to do nasty things to obtain the information. To do so I calculate the mean duration of a given task and store it in local storage. Then I use the mean duration to animate the progress bar. To handle the rare case that a task takes much longer than usual I only animate the progress bar to 95% and then stay there until the task completes.

Usually it works quite well for me.

-- J.

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