Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Re: What is planned release date for GWT 2.8 (with lambdas) ?

Thanks a lot for the detailed description of the issue!

I was thinking about using gwt-2.8.0-snapshot from their OSS Sonatype repository but the problem is that my project is in production with users using it every day and deployments occur around once a week. So using gwt-2.8.0-snapshot version may pose additional risk of something not working after building with new snapshot version. Not emulated Java 8 API is also limiting - so yes, I'll wait till the end of January and hope GWT 2.8 will be released then :)

Середа, 17 грудня 2014 р. 20:06:35 UTC+2 користувач Jens написав:
Well GWT is bad at defining exact release dates as they are usually not met. GWT prefers to put something into the wild that works instead of following exact release dates.

The general plan is to release a GWT version roughly every 6 month: Around Google IO and december/january which happens to be the time frame of GWT.create conference.
The current state of Java8 language features in GWT is:

- Lambda / method reference is implemented in the master branch but some bugs exists the the current JDT version that GWT uses. These bugs are fixed once Eclipse releases the new JDT core package that will also be used in Eclipse 4.5. You can workaround these bugs by building a GWT checkout locally using a JDT snapshot dependency.

- interface default/static methods are in review

- intersection casts need to be done

Beside language features GWT also needs to add emulation of Java8 APIs which might take some time (Optional, java.util.function, streams, javax.time).

So IMHO it is likely that you can use Java8 language features around GWT.create 2015 (most likely after the conference) in an official GWT 2.8 release. API emulation is a different story.
As said above you can already use lambdas and method references today if you build GWT from trunk and update the JDT dependency before building (see linked issue)

-- J.

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