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I'm getting the following error message when trying to build a project with GWT 2.7.0 and SuperDevMode where it used to compile fine with GWT 2.6.1 and I am hoping someone could shed some light on perhaps the reason why.

The code server is ready at
Compiling module
[ERROR] Errors in 'gen/gov/wa/wsdot/mobile/client/activities/ferries/schedules/'
[ERROR] Line 138: Rebind result '' must be a class
[ERROR] Compiler returned false

With this being the class

public abstract class FerriesRouteSchedulesCell<T> implements Cell<T> {
public interface Renderer extends UiRenderer {
public void render(SafeHtmlBuilder safeHtmlBuilder, String description,
String lastUpdated, SafeHtml alertImage);

private Renderer renderer = GWT.create(Renderer.class);
public void render(SafeHtmlBuilder sb, T model) {
.render(sb, getDescription(model), getLastUpdated(model),

public abstract String getDescription(T model);
public abstract String getLastUpdated(T model);
public abstract SafeHtml getAlertImage(T model);


public boolean canBeSelected(T model) {
return false;

With the interface being implemented and the getAlertImage() method being called like so

public SafeHtml getAlertImage(FerriesRouteItem model) {
boolean hasAlerts = false;
if (!model.getRouteAlert().equals("[]")) hasAlerts = true;
SafeHtml image = imageRenderer.render(AppBundle.INSTANCE.btnAlertPNG());
return hasAlerts ? image : SafeHtmlUtils.fromString("");

And these are the lines from my ui.xml file

    <ui:with field="description" type="java.lang.String" />
<ui:with field="lastUpdated" type="java.lang.String" />
<ui:with field='starImage' type=''/>
<ui:with field='alertImage' type=''/>
<div class="{style.cellFerriesRouteSchedules}">
<div><ui:text from="{description}" /></div>
<div><ui:text from="{lastUpdated}" /></div>
<div><ui:safehtml from="{alertImage}" /></div>

I have numerous classes which all do the same thing and they all are failing now.

Thanks for any help.


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