Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Re: Anyone else get hourglass flickering in IE11?

I am also facing the flickering issue in my application.I Used GWT 2.5 on top of that applied Bootstrap css to get responsiveness.But Screen is flickering some time untill page is reloaded.I don't no How to Fix this?

On Tuesday, December 23, 2014 7:17:30 AM UTC+5:30, darkflame wrote:

GWT2.7, IE11, Windows7.

Unfortunately I was foolish enough to leave detailed IE testing till late in the project. Everything works fine on other browsers, but IE11 I get a strange flickering hourglass. 
That is, the cursor flickers between a normal mouse and an hourglass as it moves over the page. Holding the mouse still and it stops.

At first I thought it was the custom cursor I was using (*.cur), but even without that it happens.

Taking a static snapshot of the Dom and loading that in IE results in no issue - so its clearly something the GWT javascript is doing, presumably loading related. 
Is there known issues regarding this? 

Googlings tricky due to relevant keywords hitting generic pc problems.
I did find someone with a JQuery issue that sounded the same;
But the answer is rather cryptic - I use CSS backgrounds all over the project surely that cant be it? 

For those that want a visual of the problem our current WIP project is here;

You don't have to do anything more click "Log in als gastspeler!"  and moving the mouse around too see the problem.

If anyone else knows of anything like this it would help me investigate.
(-sigh- I wish Chrome frame was still around...IEs already added a few weeks onto this project)

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