Saturday, December 20, 2014

Re: Interactive tutorial with GWT

Thanks for the advice, but that library doesn't do what I need. It allows users to click on other widgets different from the one that the  tooltip widget points to. I will have to implement something myself.

On Saturday, November 8, 2014 9:46:23 PM UTC+2, Giustino Scardovelli wrote:
Take a look at GWT Tour

Il giorno venerdì 7 novembre 2014 15:11:03 UTC+1, Milko Krastev ha scritto:
I have to implement an interactive tutorial where a user is introduced to the application via a series of tooltips that show what and where to input/click. Technically, it boils down to displaying a modal overlay that allows clicking/inputting to happen only on a specific widget while everything else is under the modal overlay (i.e. DialogBox). Do you know any way how this can be achieved with GWT? I've done it in the past with AutoIt. The strategy then was to use a layer positioned over everything with a "hole" that geometrically coincides with the element to be interacted with. Thanks!

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