Monday, December 29, 2014

Re: Device specific function of the operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Check out mgwt and gwt-phonegap at 

So far I've not used gwt-phonegap, so I'll leave that portion to others on the mgwt users list. However I'm quite pleased with mgwt's handling of mobile browsers for Android and iOS.

On Monday, December 29, 2014 5:34:15 AM UTC-5, Brotinger wrote:

I want to develop a new website for an idea that I have and I want to use GWT for it.

I´ve just one short general question, for that I can´t find a answer at the moment:

This website I plan to start should be running in a normal browser on a computer and on mobile devices.
On mobile devices it is important that the site can access the camera or other device/plattform specific methods.
So on an iPhone, on Android devices or windows phone smartphones I want to access some specific function of that operations systems.

Is that even possible?
I´ve have experiences with webviews an android and know that I can access the camera or the contacts with javascript within the webview, but I want to make it cross-platform compatible.


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