Sunday, December 28, 2014

Re: Finding out what Primary Linker is Active, inside a "Post" Linker

What if someone has written a custom primary linker that is unknown to you? Would your linker still work? Basically you might not be able assume that one of the linkers that are shipped with GWT are actually used by an app.

Maybe it is a better approach to create a sane abstract class of your non-primary linker and then provide matching sub classes for all primary linkers GWT provides. Then the developer must add the correct non-primary linker of yours that matches their primary linker or have to sub class your abstract linker.

Not sure if your reflection "hack" will work. Although the method in question is static and might be callable through reflection it only operates on a cache which uses weak references. Thus the data you need might not be in the cache anymore if the JVM has memory pressure and has GC'd some cache contents between module parsing/compilation and finally linking. I would not use that approach.

Maybe it is worth creating a feature request so that LinkerContext has more information about the primary linker in the future.

-- J.

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