Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Re: Types not resolved when upgrading to GWT 2.7.0 ?

Oh you have your own Character emulation based on the one of GWT 2.6. Well of course you must merge them since you probably don't have your own version of Long and thus the GWT 2.7 version of Long expects that Character has the method forDigit(int,int). But your version currently does not have that method since it is based on GWT 2.6 code that you have copied back in the days.

Things would be easier if you would checkout GWT, make a branch with your changes and then rebase that branch on top of master / 2.7 tag / 2.8 tag (in the future). That way the rebasing process would have merged things together (or end up in a conflict state that you must solve). We do that at work as well for a couple of custom patches and it works well. You never really get into an inconsistent state that way.

-- J.

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