Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Re: SuperDevMode not so super

I just got started with SDM but it seems like one cannot inspect variables in the java source maps, maybe I missunderstood the whole thing. It's nice that you can see the java source and step debug, but I really need to be able to inspect variables. 
For instance I somewhere read that you're supposed to be able to inspect overlay types, which I don't seem to be able to. 
Have I got something wrong, or did I hope for too much ?

Always keep in mind that source maps just overlays javascript to make it look familiar to you. You do not deal with java at all, it is still all javascript. 

In Chrome dev tools you can see the "Scope Variables" section on the right which shows you all variable values of the current scope. These are JavaScript variable names but should be easy to identify. 

When using Source Maps the "code viewer" in Chrome is more or less read only, so you can not hover anything to get more information about a variable. You also can't navigate your code inside Chrome dev tools by ctrl + click on a java class name of something like that. If you want that then use the experimental Eclipse plugin SDBG or use IntelliJ which both are able to connect to Chrome and show you debugging informations of Chrome inside your IDE. That way you get code navigation back and you can set breakpoints in your IDE instead of Chrome dev tools.

-- J.

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