Sunday, November 30, 2014

Asynchronous population of combo


i am new to gwt currently working on a project on gwt in my organisation i have a question about asynchronous population of a ui widget

the base architecture of my application is this

we have

1.XXXWidget.ui.xml and  which acts as a view which is for ui actions and
3.set of  RPC classes which make the server side calling along with DTOs and Hibernate POJOs
in the backend

they way it works basically is ui is represented by the files mentioned in point 1
Activity classes will have code for calling RPC classes which will fetch data from background databases in the form of DTOs

My problem

i am trying to load data in the ui(a Combo box must contain country list which must be present as soon as the ui loads fully) dynamically in order to make dynamic calls i have to invoke a RPC call in the activity class however i am not able to do that before the ui loads i.e
ui loads before the RPC calls is made this results in am empty combo box please let me know if the problem description is sufficient for a possible solution.And hignly appreciate if anyone provides me a solutions to this problem

thanks in advance



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