Sunday, November 30, 2014

Re: add mobile version to existing GWT app?

ok, but this leads me to the question, why we don't use REST/JSON right from the beginning?
Isn't it a potential option for nearly any web application today to be complemented by a mobile version some day?
I work in a large project which started in 2008, but was not full time back then, and only about, say 2011 got real priority.
We started with the just released GWT 1.5, and there was not too many things to choose as today.
Now we have a mobile app, and we have 2 entry point servlets: one to handle GWT RPC, and another one which exposes services in a rpc-like with json (not REST, as we don't want to maintain 2 APIs - it is just mirrored using Jackson).

Not to say that we have A LOT of generated code to handle RPC. The current total size of our app is 3.3MB, where 6.4MB is for generated code for RPC (according to the compile report). Of course we use code splitting, but we're currently struggling on reducing the sizes. Currently, we have 975KB of initial download, 370KB of leftover and 9 split points (432KB max).

If I'd start the project today, I'd just use plain REST / JSON for both the desktop and mobile versions.

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