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On Thursday, November 27, 2014 10:29:45 AM UTC+1, Wicky Tse wrote:

I am new to GWT, Spring and Hibernate. When I run sample code in GWT, Spring and Hibernate with oracle database, following error pops up.


Problem accessing /ECMSoftware.html. Reason:

Service Unavailable

Powered by Jetty://

The html ( ECMSoftweare.html ) is created under /war/ECMSoftware.html.

Is there any hints to solve the issue ?

Yes, in your logs, at the very beginning.
  1. The first warning should alert you that there might be something wrong. So first, use the latest version of GWT, or at least the latest "point version" for your minor version (in other words, use 2.7 or 2.6.1, don't use 2.6.0; see the release notes:
  2. Buried in the next stacktrace (hey, you use Spring so you have to live with it) is an error about not finding an aopalliance class, so make sure that you have the aopalliance JAR in your WEB-INF/lib
The error makes your webapp fail to start, so every request to it returns a 503.

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