Saturday, November 29, 2014

Re: Running new auto compile super dev mode from maven plugin

Did you list all module sources in the build-helper-maven-plugin in the module you run gwt:run in?
This is an unfortunate but necessary hack to get things working.

On Friday, November 28, 2014 8:26:58 PM UTC+1, SP Gingras wrote:
Hi Thomas,

I tested "compile on refresh" (CoR) with your archetypes, and it works fine (using mvn gwt:run).

However, CoR does not work in my project (gwt 2.7, using mvn gwt:run).

File changes don't seem to be picked up by SDM:

[INFO] GET /recompile/App
[INFO]    Job com.myproject.App_1_4
[INFO]       starting job: com.myproject.App_1_4
[INFO]       binding: user.agent=safari
[INFO]       skipped compile because no input files have changed
[INFO]       0.038s total -- Compile completed

I have a particular maven structure where I have a root GWT module that aggregates a dozen of other GWT modules.
The parent GWT module is in its own Maven module, and all child GWT modules are in separate Maven modules. 
The parent Maven module contains 0 java code. All java code is located in the child Maven modules

├── app (Maven module, contains 1 gwt module inheriting all child GWT modules, no Java code here)
├── module1 (Maven module, pom)
│   ├── client (Maven module, contains 1 GWT module + Java files)
│   ├── server
├── module2 (Maven module, pom)
│   ├── client (Maven module, contains 1 GWT module + Java files)
│   ├── server
├── module3 (Maven module, pom)
│   ├── client (Maven module, contains 1 GWT module + Java files)
│   ├── server

I tried changing UiBinder files, View or Presenter files (using GWTP here), no changes are ever picked up.

Any hints?

On Wednesday, November 5, 2014 2:16:43 AM UTC-5, Michael Wiles wrote:
Hi all...

So I'm trying out gwt 2.7-rc1

I'm using the same maven config as I had for 2.6

I precompile all my sources so when I start the app it picks up the gwt module. 

When I run the app for the first time it correctly says "compiling" (as it doesn't precompile) and once done the app loads.

But after that when I refresh it doesn't pick up that there are changes and recompiles...

I have to do a full recompile to pick up the changes.


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