Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Re: ClassCastException when trying SuperDevMode on my application with 2.7

Thanks. So far I have been unable to isolate this into a smaller example. I've tried some very basic entrypoint classes and added the external modules I use like the Openlayers gwt wrapper and the gwttime (which has one of its classes mentioned in the trace). They all have worked fine.

Open to any suggestions for how to get more information about what's going on that I can report back...


On Saturday, November 22, 2014 1:20:45 PM UTC-6, John Stalcup wrote:
It sounds like one of the registered EntryPoint classes or something that one of the EntryPoint classes is being rebound to does not implement the EntryPoint interface.

On Sat, Nov 22, 2014, 1:29 AM Thomas Broyer <t.br...@gmail.com> wrote:
+cc stalcup@

Any idea John?

Roland, can you make a small repro-case?

On Saturday, November 22, 2014 12:38:16 AM UTC+1, Roland wrote:

With the advent of 2.7 I am determined to get going with SuperDevMode. However, once my development environment (Eclipse) is all set to run the code server when I try to load my application using SuperDevMode I get the following error. This actually happens whether I compile with debug mode on or debug mode off when loading the code this way. I don't know what piece of the tool chain is reporting the error, but this shows up in my JavaScript console.

Uncaught java.lang.ClassCastException            Cast.java:59

dynamicCast_0_g$                                 gov_00046noaa_00046pmel_00046tmap_00046las_00046UI__EntryMethodHolder.java:3

init_2_g$                                        ModuleUtils.java:44

initializeModules_0_g$                           Impl.java:247

apply_1_g$                                       Impl.java:306

entry0_0_g$                                      Impl.java:72

(anonymous function)                             ModuleUtils.java:55

gwtOnLoad_0_g$                                   PeriodPrinter.java:40 (anonymous function)

This happens both when I try Firefox 33.0 and Chrome Version 39.0.2171.65 (64-bit) as the browser. The application runs fine as a production app if I compile it and deploy it to the server from the command line. I could also debug it using Classic Development Mode using FF 24 just prior to now when I was using GWT 2.5. I run in MyEclipse 2015 on Ubuntu 14.04 if that makes a difference.

If this is a problem with the framework and not my application I'm happy to help try to gather the information to get it fixed, but I would need some guidance for how to gather the details needed to debug.



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