Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Re: add mobile version to existing GWT app?


I have looked to both of them, and I found that they focus on the client side GUI.
But the GUI is something I would like to do with the native Android SDK.

What I would like to do is access the data on my tomcat server, just as I do it with GWT client applications.

Assume a GWT chess app with a RPC service like this:

boolean requestMove (int game,Field src,Field dst);

Also assume that the client/server application is running fine and you simply want to add a mobile version to it.

My approach would be to develop the GUI using the Android SDK.
But this client also needs access to the RPC service mentioned above.

The goal is to leave as much of the application logic at one place, the server in this case, while simply adding another presentation instance, the mobile phone in this case.

How would you do this?


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