Friday, November 28, 2014

GWT SuperDevMode 2.7.0 and SDBG - some member variables are missing.

I'm trying out the enhanced SDM with GWT 2.7.

It only took me a few minutes to set it up, including installing the sourcemaps debugger in eclipse and find an offline chrome installer (I'm not connected to the internet on my dev machine). So great work there!

Now I'm trying out debugging in Chrome and SDBG however I found that some member variables of my Activity class do not show up in SDBG. I noticed that some of my member variables are under Local->this in chrome, but some are one level deeper in Local->this->__proto__

These members are just declared in my activity yet they are somehow stored differently.

Now with SDBG I can only seem to see member variables under Local->this and not the ones under Local->this->__proto__ ( I shall complain to the people writing that great plugin).

How come I see this difference ? Is there a way to influence this ?

It will take time to getting used to finding the member variables and how to inspect them. I hope SDBG gets updated to perform some kind of mapping to real java member field structures instead.

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