Friday, September 28, 2012

Re: Future of GWT survey

I totally agree with Andrei. It is an excellent idea.This will increase developers overall productivity. This is a must. I can offer myself to help building that kind of "marketplace".

Quinta-feira, 20 de Setembro de 2012 0:51:53 UTC+1, Andrei escreveu:
I hope we can also avoid the other extreme: GWT hijacked by developers of commercial libraries, trying to keep GWT as basic as possible, so that their libraries look even more attractive in comparison. I exaggerate to make a point, I know they are good people :)  

I would love to see a unified marketplace for GWT widgets and extensions, both open-source and commercial, with demos, reviews and ratings. Currently there are a lot of projects that offer useful additions to "core" GWT, but it's hard to see how many people are using each one, and what is their experience. I guess many developers spend a lot of time searching the web and this forum for a TimePicker widget, an improved DatePicker, a good RichTextToolbar, a time zones solution, a grid with spreadsheet-style functionality, a grid with expandable rows, etc. etc.   A single marketplace can really make GWT more attractive, in my opinion, especially to developers who are new to the platform.

On Wednesday, September 19, 2012 1:06:08 PM UTC-4, Chris Lercher wrote:
Focus on reducing compile times even more, fixing all bugs, making it more extendable (e.g. by removing some unnecessary private modifiers, removing static state, ...), improving support of Java core libraries (and things that are close, like Guava, Joda, ...), improving some basic widgets - but don't impose the specialized concepts of Vaadin, GXT, ... (which absolutely do have their place, in their own frameworks!) on GWT itself. That's actually the only worry I currently have about GWT's future (Note: I believe it will turn out well).

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