Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BUILD rule for GwtArchive

Hi, GWT gurus,

We are trying to export a GWT package in closure environment, we already have the package ready in jar or zip format.
But how can we unzip it into files (including js and css) and used by closure code?

we have sth like

GwtArchive(name='mymodulejar',            app = '//my/path:MyApp'          )    JS_PATH = 'my/javascript/path'    genrule(name='mymodule',          srcs=[':mymodulejar'],            cmd='mkdir -p ' + JS_PATH + ' && unzip -j $(location :mymodulejar) -d ' + JS_PATH

But I cannot get the files in the jar. These include js file and css file.
Any pointer are appreciated, thanks! Dan

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