Thursday, September 27, 2012

Re: for new object, stableId() not the same before/after persist


The important part is: "The one exception to the global scope of an EntityProxyId is the id of a newly-created EntityProxy that has not yet been persisted on the server. An "ephemeral" id is only usable with the RequestFactory from which the newly-created proxy object is derived. Once the proxy has been sent to the server and the server has provided a non-null id, the ephemeral id is upgraded to a persistent id and becomes indistinguishable from any other persistent id."

I believe that means it is working as designed. 


On Wednesday, September 26, 2012 8:42:43 AM UTC-5, Yan wrote:
Hi there, 

I have an entity proxy object that is created on the client. After persisting into server, I would expect the returned proxy (from server) has the same stableId() (i.e., the two equals)

But this is not happening. I thought GWT documentation says the two should equal to each other. Am I missing something?  Here is the code. 

MyObjectProxy value = request.create(MyObjectProxy.class)            // value.getId() is NULL, stableId() has some value in it

request.persist(value).fire(Receiver(MyObjectProxy response) {          // response.getId() is not null,   stableId() has some value in it
     boolean isSame = response.stableId().equals(value.stableId());     // isSame return false     


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