Friday, September 28, 2012

Re: Future of GWT survey

Totally agreed with this thread.

On Thursday, September 20, 2012 9:58:58 PM UTC+8, Oleg K. wrote:
I've post my answers to survey. Here what was not included.

1) I use maven (with gwt-maven-plugin which is very-very good). With that plugin I think meny maven users are happy. The only real problem is that it cant' autoreload dependencies so GWT Dev Mode console should always be restarted when I change the code in the library.

2) I don't think that "Swiss Army knife" is what is really needed. Just make some central repository where gwt extensions and libraries can leave with real usage reports, user comments etc. Now I do not have any way to compare or even know about good gwt library. A site like could help.

3) I think that GWT is not as modular as it could be. For example, it has widgets that works only in quirks mode or only in standards mode. But thay all are included in one jar file and all can be used in project.

4) There are many good JS libraries. The only way now to include them is wrapping existing JavaScript calls to that library and that's it. Neither optimizations and code reducing can be used nor packaging of that js code into "one_big_html_which_include_all".

5) Current JSON library included into GWT can not be used without tonns of useless code. Custom classes that extends JavaScriptObject helps a bit but that is not enougth.

This points are not supposed to say "GWT is bad". I think that GWT v2.5 is really great. I use it for my current projects and I think that its principles are the best choise for web.

Oleg K.

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