Friday, September 28, 2012

[ANN] Sheath: Dagger Inside

It took me a couple nights and lunch-breaks of hacking, here is:

Sheath: Dagger Inside

Sheath is to Dagger what GIN is to Guice. Except this is only an experiment, a proof of concept. Sheath currently leverages the code generated by Dagger, which is suboptimal in a GWT context.

I didn't implement singletons either; it's just enough to make the example work (with System.out.println replaced with Window.alert, and everything launched at the click of a button).

If anyone's interested in switching from Guice to Dagger, and uses GWT, have a look at it:

(note: I'm sticking with Guice and GIN, there are too many things I miss in Dagger, and I don't really need something more lightweight, as I don't code for resource-constrained environments; but if anyone's interested, feel free to report bugs, fork and/or send pull requests)

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